Our History

Brooks-DeHart was started in 1999 by Anthony and Cindy Brooks. Anthony gained his work experience at two of the leading furniture delivery companies, W&L and Foothills. He then took that knowledge and combined the best techniques of each to form a company second to none in customer satisfaction.

Andrew DeHart joined Anthony and Cindy in 2011. Together they focused on the needs of a growing company and keeping the business focused on family, customers, and service. With over 50 years combined experience in the trucking industry, Brooks-DeHart knows that our customers are the foundation of our business.

That is why we continue to look for ways provide the highest service to our customers, even down to still answering the phone personally instead of using an automated system. Our goal is to make our customers and drivers feel like family. We feel we can say, with confidence, that you cannot find a better company to serve you in your delivery needs. We look forward to building strong partnerships with our future customers.

Building Partnerships

This video was produced by our truck equipment partner Penske. Please take a moment to watch because you are a valued partner too.

Together we are all successful. Hopefully by watching you will learn a little about us as a company and business partner, and understand why we are able to provide the service we do.