Brooks-DeHart Furniture Xpress is celebrating the opening of its new Mississippi Terminal June 2014

Brooks-DeHart Furniture Xpress is pleased to announce we now offer service out of the Mississippi area with the same 3-5 day service times you receive from our North Carolina terminal. And all Mississippi shipments can be traced with online tracking and PODs.

A complete list of vendors is available on the website.

We will be handling all customer service and invoicing through our Corporate Office in North Carolina. So there is no need to learn new phone numbers or new people. We are here to serve your company and all your furniture delivery needs and we look forward to expanding our business with you.

When you need your furniture to arrive quickly and professionally, then Brooks-DeHart Furniture Xpress is your ONLY choice.

Recent News

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  • Mississippi Terminal Opened in June 2014

Our Company

Brooks-DeHart was started in 1999 by Anthony and Cindy Brooks. Anthony gained his work experience at two of the leading furniture delivery companies, W&L and Foothills. He then took that knowledge and combined the best techniques of each to form a company second to none in customer satisfaction. Andrew DeHart joined Anthony and Cindy in 2011 and together they have Read more...